Clint Bear, Luthier

I started building acoustic guitars in 2001 after almost 35 years of playing, repairing and tinkering with electric and acoustic guitars. My background of 35 years in homebuilding, remodeling, and cabinet making had developed the woodworking skills that I am now applying to Lutherie. Also, growing up in the family jewelry business has enabled me to acquire skills in detail work that can directly apply to guitar making.

I have 6 basic body styles that I use to construct guitars of various woods, scale lengths, depths and bracing designs. I usually have at least 2 or 3 guitars in construction that are available to buy.

I apply elements of both new and old design philosophies to my guitars. The old "Pre-War" Martins and Gibson flattops are true inspirations in the tone and sound they produce as well as the symmetrical beauty they display. I try to incorporate the elements of proven designs into the new guitars that I build. The woods actually dictate what type of guitar they become. No two guitars are ever the same, even if all the factors of size, bracing, and materials are equal. Tone and playability are the main goals I set out to achieve. When my guitars are played, I want the beauty of the music to attain it's full potential.

I prefer to use Bone nut, saddle and bridge pins because I think they transfer string vibration to the top better. Tall, thin scalloped braces glued with fresh, hide glue seem to give better tonal response through the tops.

I have named the different models from the area in southern Indiana , where I live. All of the names are from towns located in Jefferson Co., IN.

Pairing variations of back and side woods with different top woods produce unique sounding guitars. When a preferred style of playing is known ,different woods can be matched to produce the tone and sound that is desired.

I am a member of A.S.I.A. (Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans) and G.A.L (Guild of American Luthiers).

I would like to build a guitar that matches your dream of what your personal guitar should be. Please call, write or email to discuss building your dream guitar. Or, buy one of the models currently being built.